One Star Review or LONE STAR REVIEW!

Dreamers is no stranger to controversy.  We sell toys that look like penises after all.  So when we received this review yesterday, I was not surprised.Lone Star Review

In case you can’t see the image it says

This place supports the liberal whacko students at UT who flaunt their sexual anarchy in schizophrenic opposition to peaceful licensed gun owners who choose to carry their guns for self defense.

At first, I was upset, then I was amused, then I realized, “I don’t disagree on any particular point.”  We are supporting the “liberal whacko (sp?) students” and why wouldn’t we?  While most of this debate centers around the 2nd Amendment, the 1st Amendment is just as important, if not more so.  The “right of the people peaceably to assemble…” is what we’re supporting.  The right to protest laws you see as unfair is almost literally what our country was founded on.  Dreamers started out as a store that sold and rented adult videos and magazines, we still do but to a much smaller extent, so freedom of speech is what we’ve fought for for decades.  Now the right to privacy, which the courts have found to be a part of several of the first ten amendments, is the newer battle.  In 2008, we won a landmark decision that allowed for the legal sale and distribution of adult (or sex toys) in Texas.  So, yeah, we support students protesting, even in this absurd way.

And it should be absurd because our laws are absurd.  The fact that if a parent gave their 17-year-old daughter or son a vibrator it might make them face prosecution, however, it is okay to give that same child a gun is absurd.  One is designed for nothing but pleasure, the other a weapon.  That makes no sense.  Now I’m not anti-gun.  I come from a family of gun lovers, many of whom served in both the military and law enforcement.  Our company is not anti-gun, one of our owners is a former Air Force veteran who still hunts.  I’ve seen his gun safe filled with shotguns, he is not anti-gun.  But our laws should make sense and be open to debate, otherwise, we’re not a free country.

For Dreamers, the idea is to end the stigma that comes when discussing sexuality.  If you can carry a gun and argue that this country needs more of them, then we should be able to have an open and frank discussion about sex.

My favorite line from our humble FB reviewer is “flaunt their sexual anarchy”.  BTW, Sexual Anarchy is the name of my Sex Pistols cover band.  Again, if “sexual anarchy” means allowing consenting adults to do whatever they want with each other, using whatever products they want, then, yes, we are sexual anarchists. As long as sexual anarchy includes consent, we’re onboard.

Finally, we’ve asked and two out of our three personalities agree that we are not schizophrenic.   We support this protest because freedom of speech must be protected.  It is that freedom of speech we enjoy that allows “peaceful licensed gun owners” to leave reviews of stores without visiting them simply because they don’t agree with their politics or political stance.  We will continue to defend our humble Facebook reviewer so he can leave reviews like these wherever he wishes.  We celebrate you humble Facebook reviewer.

Pokemon Go…somewhere else

If you’ve been online recently you’ve heard of #Pokemon Go and the hilarious places Pokemon have shown up.  Pokemon Go is such a big phenomenon that it surpassed porn in online searches.

Now, Dreamers has inadvertently become a gym, which is all kinds of wrong.


Bulbasaur please go away.

We have let the creators know that they should really try to not have an adult business as a site for catching Pokemon, and hopefully the gym will be removed. So people of Austin: Please keep your kids away from Dreamers till they are 18.  If you’re hunting Pokemon and are over 18, come on in!  And is it just me or does the Pokeball look a little like a Revel Body.

revel body

Someone may need to contact this Pokemon Lawyer:

Come See the New Look of Dreamers San Antonio

We’ve been making some changes over the past month and we’d love for you to come check out what’s new.

The moment you drive up you’ll notice we’ve given the store a bit of a facelift.

2016-05-11 10.42.34

Once you open the door the changes are immediately noticeable.

2016-05-11 15.22.02.jpg

We’ve moved many things around, so don’t hesitate to have one of our sales associates help you find that perfect item.

Just around the corner when you walk in you’ll find lots of goodies for a quick romantic getaway or put together a grab bag for your bachelorette party or ladies night out.

2016-05-10 16.21.23.jpg

It’s the same great Dreamers selection with a brand-new look.  Stop by and make this weekend a Dream Weekend.  Dreamers – San Antonio is located at 2376 Austin Hwy in San Antonio, TX 78212.

2016-05-11 15.22.07.jpg

Tell us what you think of our new look in the comments below or drop us a line on Facebook.

The Womanizer – Now Available

The Womanizer W100


The revolutionary new toy, The Womanizer, is now available at Austin and Ft. Worth and will soon be available at all stores.  This toy is as beautiful as it is amazing.  The Womanizer uses pulsating pressure waves to stimulate the clitoris.  It is unlike any other toy in your collection so come get yours today.  Available at all Dreamers locations!  Comes in six styles.  Choose the one that fits your personality.

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Here’s a short video to get you excited about your new toy!

Also, because every time we mention Womanizer we get an earworm, so must you.

Featured Product for February

Eye of Love Pheromone Products

Eye of Love

Just in time for Valentine’s Day we’ve got a little something to help make your Valentine want you just a tad more: Eye of Love fragrances!

Eye of Love has fragrances for men and women, gay or straight.  Eye of Love was created with synthetic pheromones and though the pheromones themselves are odorless, Eye of Love added special fragrances to enhance the effect.  To find out more about the science behind pheromones check out Eye Of Love’s website.  For the results of a highly informal experiment check out this Thrillist Article.

Through the month of February, we’ve got a great deal on the full-size bottles (only $35.99) and the roll-ons ($9.99), stop by any Dreamers location (offer only available in stores) to take advantage of these awesome deals.  We’ve also got gift sets for that special someone.